Health and Wellbeing in Shropshire

Our vision is for ‘a flourishing Shropshire’. This means people are able to live healthy and happy lives. Alongside the Shropshire Health and Wellbeing Board, organisations from across Shropshire are working together to reduce health inequalities and improve the health and wellbeing of the local population.

Partners involved in working to improve health and wellbeing include the Council, public sector agencies including the NHS, the voluntary and community sector, businesses, young people and equality & diversity communities. Have a look here to see a list of some of our partners.

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Shropshire Health and Wellbeing Board

Shropshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board acts to ensure that key leaders from the health and care system work together to improve the health and wellbeing of Shropshire residents. Health and Wellbeing Board members collaborate to understand their local community’s needs, agree priorities and work together to plan how best to deliver services.

Shropshire’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Summary (JSNA) provides comprehensive information about the Shropshire population and their health and wellbeing needs. This information is used to inform the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy which sets out the long-term vision for health and wellbeing in Shropshire and identifies the immediate priority areas for action.

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