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The Children’s Trust held area forums between 2012-2014.Please see information on the content of these below.

Event/ Consultation Date Presentations Discussion Findings
Area Forum Autumn 2014 Presentations on:

  • Update on Children’s Trust priorities
  • Family Nurse Partnership
  • School Nursing
  • The Voluntary and Community Sector
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
Table discussion:

What more can we do together to protect,   support and safeguard our children?

  • How can we work better together to raise  concerns?
  • How do we share information better across organisations?

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Area Forum Spring 2014 Presentations on:

Table discussion:
What can you and your organisation do to support families and how can we work together on:

  • Early help
  • SEND reforms
  • TaMHS
  • Parenting



Early Help, SEND reforms, TaMHS and parenting

Area Forum Autumn 2013 Presentations on:

Table discussion:

Workshop slides

  • Ensuring that children and young people are  safe and well looked after in a supportive environment
  • Narrowing the achievement gap in education and in work
  • Ensuring the mental wellbeing of children and young people by focussing on prevention and early intervention
  • Keeping more children healthy and reducing   health inequalities

Priority A
Priority B
Priority C
Priority D

Area Forum Spring 2013 Presentations on:

Table discussion on:

Early Help


Strengths, Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions


Evaluation Summary of Event: Central, North and South.

Area Forum Autumn 2012 Presentations on: