Better Care Fund

What is the Better Care Fund?

The Better Care Fund is helping to bring together health and social care. Working collectively, the aim is to improve local planning and delivery of services and support for people.

We are working towards keeping people in good health for as long as possible; reducing the time they spend in ill health and reducing time spent in hospital, as such our 3 priority areas of work are:

  • Prevention  – Healthy Lives
  • Admission Avoidance
  • Delayed Transfers


In order to deliver the BCF plan, we will work with system partners to deliver integrated service delivery. The BCF forms part of our overall system strategic planning and is embedded in the Strategic Transformation Partnership (STP) plans.

The plan aims to support integrated service delivery and the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB) have agreed the following:

“Shropshire’s HWBB believes integration is about putting Shropshire people at the heart of decision making. The Board uses evidence that is gathered through data and through engagement to develop a common purpose and agreed outcomes for people, with people; it is about taking a whole system approach to leading, designing and delivering services.”

For more information on the BCF, please see the BCF plan and regular reports through the Health and Wellbeing Board papers.

BCF 17-19 Plan

HWBB Papers  

The BCF Plan 19/20 is expected November 2019