Better Care Fund

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2017-19 Planning Template v14.6b

BCF Narrative Plan 1719


The Better Care Fund


What is it?
The Better Care Fund is helping to bring together health and social care – Putting YOU at the centre of your care. Whilst working with the same amount of money for health and social care, the aim is to use the funds differently. We are working towards keeping people in good health for as long as possible; reducing the time they spend in ill health and reducing time spent in hospital.

Why are things changing?
The types of conditions from which people suffer are now different. There is an increase in long-term conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. More people now live with dementia. There has been an increase in hospital admissions and it can take longer for people to be discharged home. People have greater expectations about their care and want to have more of a say. This has all put increased demand upon health and social care services. Working in a rural county like Shropshire means that there can also be difficulties around travel and access. Organisations have to do more work, treat more people and provide more services across a large area on smaller budgets.
The Better Care Fund aims to make changes to the care that you receive so that it better reflects your needs whilst meeting the changes outlined above.

How will things change?
The BCF is focusing upon 4 areas:
Prevention – Empowering you to make better lifestyle and health choices to prevent ill health and the need for services.
Early intervention – Health and social care will identify people who are ‘at risk’ and will act early to ensure a robust and co-ordinated plan is put in place to help you.
Supporting people in crisis – Support will be fast and focussed. The aim is to help you to be able to stay in your own home, or to get you back there as soon as possible. 7 day services will help you to get the support you need, when you need it.
Supporting people to live independently for longer – Helping you to remain independent for as long as possible; reducing the need for paid support. Using community resources and your networks will allow you to remain in control and make your own decisions and choices.

BCF Service Transformation

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Who will it affect?
As well as health and social care organisations (including the voluntary sector) being involved with the Better Care Fund, the changes will affect you and your family. This might be through your contact with urgent care services in GP practices or hospitals, or through preventive services designed to help you to keep well.

For patients/service users
The Better Care Fund is working to give you more choice and control over your care – e.g. where you want to be treated.
You are considered an expert by experience – you can help to design and improve services.
You are enabled to be more independent, and to stay independent for longer – with the help of your community and natural support groups.
You will have a key-worker who will help to design your care plan and help you to remain independent and in control – this means dealing with one person who will work across services to help you.

For Carers
You can feel more supported – Helping you to maintain your own health and wellbeing as well as the health of the person for whom you care.

My Community
The Better Care Fund is working to support the development of resilient communities – helping to grow natural networks around you that can enable you to stay more independent, stay in your own home and maintain control over your health.

When will I see a difference?
Services are already starting to change but the real changes will begin in 2015.