Supporting carers is a priority for the Health and Wellbeing Board and our partners.

The 2011 census shows us that there are around 34,000 carers in Shropshire, and we know that carers have a vital role in supporting people in our communities.

Caring takes many forms, and in Shropshire we define a carer as:

“Someone of any age who provides unpaid care for another person (of any age) who may be ill, frail, disabled, have poor mental health or addiction problems, meaning they are unable to manage without this care.”

However, many people do not recognise themselves as carers, and see this simply as part of being a family member, spouse, partner, friend or neighbour. We want to send out a message out to the Shropshire community as a whole, that helping to look after someone who could not manage otherwise, is caring.

Shropshire All Age Carers Strategy 2017-2021

Our All Ages Carers Strategy 2017-2021 and Action Plan for Carers Strategy 2017-21 has just been produced, and can be viewed by clicking on the links.

Five priorities have been identified through consultation and surveys with carers, local and national best practice and a local multi-agency working group. These priorities focus around the overarching aim, which is:

“Carers are supported to remain emotionally, mentally and physically well and feeling safe”

Free Flu vaccinations – Stay Well This Winter

Carers are encouraged to speak to their GP or pharmacist about having the free flu jab and protect themselves, as well as the person they care for. To find out which pharmacies offer free flu vaccinations to eligible people in Shropshire, download the document Shropshire pharmacies offering free fru jab

Further information, help or support around caring

Carers Trust4all provide carer advice and support for all ages, including young carers.

Telephone: 01743 341995 during office hours.

Carers Trust 4all emergency calls: 0333 323 1990 number option 1 and then option 6

Shropshire Choices provides information for adult carers, who are caring for other adults.

You can also telephone First Point of Contact (FPOC) on 0345 678 9044 during office hours. Or Out of Hours: Social Care Emergency Duty Team on: 0345 678 9040

SEND Local Offer provides information for parent carers looking after a child with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities.

Nationally Carers UK provide information on all aspects of caring.

Communications Toolkit

The Carers communications toolkit 2017 onward onward can be viewed by clicking on the link.