Warm Homes & Fuel Poverty

warm by fire

Shropshire’s Health & Wellbeing Board and partners are aware that fuel poverty is a significant issue that affects people in our county. We know that the warmth of homes has a direct link to cold-related ill health and excess winter deaths and as such, we want to prioritise tackling fuel poverty in local communities.

There are various schemes across Shropshire to support people who are living in fuel poverty, these include:



The Heatsavers Scheme was formed in 2011 by Shropshire Council Housing, Public Health, Age UK and Marches Energy Agency to provide advice and assistance to vulnerable households in respect of heating and energy efficiency issues. The Heatsavers scheme accepts referrals from “trained” front line workers who have identified concerns for the health of vulnerable persons through lack of heating and poor housing conditions.

Shropshire Council have produced a brochure that explains how Heatsavers works and how the scheme brings value to the organisations that support it, providing flexibility and how cold homes have an impact upon Shropshire people. Click here to download the brochure.

You can read more about the Heatsavers scheme in a Health & Wellbeing Board report here and here.

Shropshire Council’s private sector housing team were recently shortlisted for two prestigious awards in relation to the Heatsavers scheme. Find out more here.

Shropshire RCC

Shropshire Rural Community Council’s Oil Buying Scheme

Shropshire’s Rural Community Council organises a fuel buying scheme for residents in Shropshire. They say:

Joining together with neighbours to buy heating oil makes sense for everyone. Customers get a better price, oil companies can organise deliveries more efficiently, and fewer tanker journeys reduces the negative environmental impact.
“Shropshire RCC organises the largest bulk oil buying scheme in Shropshire and we have helped local people save many thousands of pounds since we started in September 2011

Find out more information here.

Marches Energy Agency

Marches Energy Agency – Live4Less

Live4Less is an action-budgeting course which helps individuals and families to live well and more sustainably on a limited budget.

Uniquely, Live4Less facilitates ‘crowdwisdom’ and encourages participants to share knowledge of local services, tips and tricks for living well for less. It generates discussion and reflection on consumption and frugality, sharing resources and swapping skills.

Find out more by clicking here.

Warmer Marches

Marches Energy Agency – Warmer Marches

Warmer Marches is a local initiative to help young people and families stay warmer and reduce energy costs. Marches Energy Agency (MEA), a local energy charity, have secured funding to offer advice and support to residents who may be struggling to heat their homes. Recent figures suggest that around 13% of households in Shropshire struggle to afford their energy bills.

The Warmer Marches project can provide free advice and support over the phone or via email. We can discuss energy bills and tariffs, insulation and heating, access to grants and other financial support and tips on saving energy in the home. Contact Warmer Marches via Freephone 0800 122 3743 or using email at advice@mea.org.uk

Shropshire Council

Energy supply partnership

Shropshire Council is inviting energy supply companies interested in forming a partnership with the council to submit proposals to supply energy to households and businesses. The aim of this partnership is to help generate additional income for the council and help to deliver a range of other benefits, including stimulating economic development, and addressing fuel poverty and environmental issues. Find out more about the partnership plans here.

Thermal mapping used to highlight heat loss from Shropshire homes and businesses

A night time thermal imaging project is helping Shropshire Council improve energy efficiency and affordable warmth levels for residents and businesses across the county.
The resulting data was delivered to the council ready for use in their Geographic Information System and online mapping portal. By combining the Bluesky data with other sources of intelligence, such as demographic profiles, housing stock surveys and benefits claims, the council hopes to be able to better focus resources and advice to vulnerable and at-risk households. Find out more information about the project in the press release here.

Want to find out more information about your home’s heat loss?

Click here to access Shropshire Council’s interactive thermal map.