Health and Wellbeing Conferences


Health & Wellbeing: Strategy to Implementation Event – 31st Jan 2013

As part of this event we ran workshops for each of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy Priority areas (8 in total).

The workshops were delivered in two sessions: the first set the scene and asked, ‘what will good look like?’ and the second explored how we get from where we are now to ‘good’. This process helped to inform the Health and Wellbeing Strategy’s action/ implementation plan for the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Documents from 2013 Conference:

You Said, We Did (draft)

Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy
Stakeholder Engagement Presentation

Workshop Notes
Workshop 1 – Health Inequalities
Workshop 2 – Healthy Living
Workshop 3 – Mental health of young people
Workshop 4 – Dementia Friendly
Workshop 5 – Assistive Technologies
Workshop 6 – Preventing Isolation
Workshop 7 – Commissioning
Workshop 8 – Information, advice and guidance