Year of Dementia 2014

Dementia Friend






Shropshire Health and Wellbeing Board adopted a theme of dementia awareness, and made 2014 the ‘Year of Dementia’.

Why did we choose the ‘Year of Dementia’?

1 in 14 people over the age of 65 and 1 in 6 people over the age of 80 have dementia.

It is estimated that there are 5,285 people in Shropshire living with dementia.

Shropshire has an ageing population. It is projected that Shropshire’s population of those aged over 65 will increase by 42% by 2030.

Over the coming years we expect to see an increase in numbers of people with dementia. We need to make sure that support is in place to help prevent dementia (wherever possible) and to help individuals and their families with a diagnosis and any subsequent difficulties they might face. Ensuring that communities understand dementia is one of the first steps in creating a supportive environment.

The Health and Wellbeing Board aimed to:

  • Raise awareness of dementia in Shropshire
  • Co-ordinate the rollout of Dementia Friends information sessions across local authority staff and other local residents

What did we do?

In 2014, patient and local community representatives formed the Shropshire Dementia Action Alliance, working to raise awareness of dementia across the county.

Shropshire Council became a member of the Shropshire Dementia Action Alliance and signed up to the National Dementia Declaration.

Over the course of 2014, Dementia Friends sessions were delivered to professionals and the public. By November 2014, there were 82 Dementia Champions in Shropshire and 1,924 Dementia Friends.

Various events were held across the county, including:

  • National Dementia Friends Campaign – May 2014
  • Shrewsbury Dementia Awareness Day – May 2014
  • Broseley Dementia Awareness Day – September 2014
  • Craven Arms Dementia Awareness Day – October 2014
  • Alzheimer’s Society Roadshow – December 2014

What other work is underway?

The Shropshire Dementia Roadmap has been developed. This is a primary care online dementia resource to guide clinicians and others to resources to help support individuals with dementia.

Work is continuing well into 2015 and beyond, with Dementia Awareness Week 2015 seeing further awareness raising and information sessions held across Shropshire in libraries, at community hubs and other venues.