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Healthy_lifestyleWe want people to feel empowered to make positive health and lifestyle choices for themselves and their family. Having a healthy weight, choosing not to smoke and watching our alcohol intake is key in reaching this target.


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The Healthy Shropshire website offers advice and guidance around maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Find out about stop smoking services in Shropshire, get advice about healthy eating and access support and information services.

Heart AgeDiet and lifestyle can affect your heart’s health or “age”. You can use this quick free test to find out how your heart’s age compares to your real age. Find out more at:

Healthy Lifestyle Consultations, Events and Workshops:

Consultation Date Aim Key Findings Feedback Responses
Healthy Ageing Event November 2014 To bring together partners from   across Shropshire to understand how we can work better together to encourage   healthy ageing. Key speakers from the fields of   immunology, the British Heart Foundation and falls prevention. Table top discussion suggested how professionals   could contribute towards the Better Care Fund workstreams including falls   prevention. You can read about the event in the Health   and Wellbeing December newsletter.See below for the powerpoint   presentations delivered at the event.
Healthy Weight Partnership Event and   Workshops November 2013 To involve and engage partners with a   responsibility for ensuring Shropshire’s population achieves a healthy   weight. Focus on raising knowledge about what   constitutes a healthy lifestyle. Changing perceptions of weight and discussion   of the ‘new normal’. Click   here to see insights from the event and workshops. Insights from the event will be used   to develop the healthy weight strategy.
Children’s Trust Area forum – keeping   more children healthy table discussion September 2013 Engage with front line managers and   practitioners in children’s services Needs to be more involvement with   role of parenting For summary of notes, click here CYP Strategy being refreshed with   stakeholder feedback
Outdoor recreation user survey March 2013 To help develop and improve the   rights of way network, and countryside parks, sites and play areas Dog mess and overgrown vegetation put   people off from using right of way 922 responses Click here
Healthy Lifestyle Workshop January 2012 Engage with stakeholders at annual   HWBB conference Priorites: 1.Involve work in the   Church Stretton pilot2. Support employers to achieve working environments   conducive to
lifestyle changes
Click here for full notes

Presentations from the Healthy Ageing event (Nov 2014):

The introductory powerpoint was delivered by Prof. Rod Thomson and discussed Shropshire’s health profile.

Professor Janet Lord, Director of MRC-ARUK Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research, presented evidence around ageing and how it can be affected by calorie intake and physical activity levels. Professor Lord also discussed the impact of ageing upon the immune system. It was demonstrated that frailty decline is not an inevitable part of the ageing process.

Bob Laventure, Consultant at the British Heart Foundation Centre for Physical Activity, presented evidence around active ageing. He explained how encouraging older people to be less sedentary and more physically active can enable them to maintain strength and balance; key factors for ageing well.

Dr Irfan Ghani, Public Health Consultant, discussed immunisation programmes for older people, such as the flu and shingles vaccination programmes, and their importance in healthy ageing.

Sandy Lockwood, Falls Prevention Project Manager, discussed the impact of falls for individuals as well as for the health economy. Methods for reducing risk were discussed along with the falls prevention agenda.

Other events and workshops:

Event Date Aims Findings
Smoking and age-related macular degeneration March 2014 To bring together ophthalmologists from across Shropshire to discuss   the effect of smoking on sight. Attendees received information around age-related macular   degeneration and were updated on Making Every Contact Count. Please click   here to see the agenda for the event.
Sexual Health update for Shropshire GPs April 2014 To update Shropshire GPs on current evidence around LARC, information on STIs and guidance on forensic examination in the SARC.
Smoking in pregnancy asset mapping July 2013 To complete asset mapping for the smoking in pregnancy pathway, from   pre-conception to delivery and post-natal. Identifying gaps in service.