Shropshire’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

The priorities are based on population health needs that are identified in the joint intelligence work, which in turn influences decision making and informs the commissioning of services through the Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The Shropshire Health and Wellbeing Board is responsible for the JSNA and the strategy.

We use data from a range of sources to provide information for the JSNA process. This includes information about the population, housing, employment, the effects of lifestyle on health, prevalence of diseases, services used and their effectiveness, community perspectives and other local data from a variety of sources.

The data used in this process is both qualitative and quantitative, and may also come from existing reports, such as the Community Strategy or parish plans.

If you have information that could assist us in building the evidence base please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions. Please email Shropshire.Together@shropshire.gov.uk

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