Living well and working well

Living well and working well

Living a healthy life can increase life expectancy and improve quality of life. Making the right lifestyle choices reduces the likelihood of premature death and suffering certain long term conditions.

Lifestyle risk factors, such as smoking and poor diet are often precursors for ill-health and they also have a relationship with deprivation in Shropshire and in England overall.

People living in the most deprived areas are significantly more likely to smoke, be obese, be physically inactive and have poor nutrition compared to those from more affluent areas. They are therefore more likely to suffer from non-communicable diseases, such as CVD and cancer as a consequence.

Here are some of the priorities we have identified:

Lifestyle choices:


Healthy eating and nutrition


Physical activity


Sexual Health:

Mental wellbeing:



Substance Misuse

Disease rates:

Prevalence of disease


Cardio-vascular disease


Hospital Admissions Data:

Long Term Conditions: