Shropshire’s Profile

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We used data from a range of sources to provide information for the JSNA process. This included population level, social care and housing, lifestyle determinants, epidemiology, service access/utilisation, evidence of effectiveness, community perspectives and other local data from a variety of sources.

The data used in this process is both qualitative and quantitative, and may also come from existing reports, eg community strategies or parish plans. This data will be added to over time as more becomes available, which will give greater insights into the needs of the local population.  The data will be analysed and intelligence applied to inform priorities and drive change.

For more on demography and socio-economic information please follow the links on this page.

Shropshire’s Profile

Facts and figures – demography, population data, households, employment and more.

Census data – Shropshire’s data and information from the 2011 census.

The Index of Multiple Deprivation 2015

Urban and rural classification 2011

Shropshire’s Health Profile

Health Inequality information




Protected characteristics

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment