Independent for longer

cycleThe HWBB sees home and the community as the first place to look for enabling care and support. A key role of a community is to support itself and its members. Shropshire services and people already work hard to keep people independent in their own homes. We understand from speaking with local people that individuals want to stay at home wherever this is possible and we want to facilitate this. This means planning for services that can be delivered around the person, in a space that is familiar to them, as well as the assistance of a supportive community. When it isn’t possible to keep people in their own homes, we would like the homes that people make in residential settings to be the best they can be for those people.

Every individual is different; care needs to reflect this and be flexible in the way that people are supported. Shaping care and support around the individual, their carer(s), and their community will ensure the help that people need and receive is continuous, seamless and will produce the best outcomes for that person.

Live Life Your Way

Shropshire Council published its strategy for the future of adult social care in Shropshire. To access a copy of the summary document please click here.
Please click here to find out more about Live Life Your Way in Shropshire.

Making it Real

The responses to the September 2013 consultation (please see below) confirmed that people want a wide range of support that is personalised to their needs, enabling them to remain independent and active members of their communities for as long as possible.
You can find out more about Making it Real in Shropshire and giving your feedback here.

Recent Events

Presentations from the Healthy Ageing event (Nov 2014):

The introductory powerpoint was delivered by Prof. Rod Thomson and discussed Shropshire’s health profile.

Professor Janet Lord, Director of MRC-ARUK Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research, presented evidence around ageing and how it can be affected by calorie intake and physical activity levels. Professor Lord also discussed the impact of ageing upon the immune system. It was demonstrated that frailty decline is not an inevitable part of the ageing process.

Bob Laventure, Consultant at the British Heart Foundation Centre for Physical Activity, presented evidence around active ageing. He explained how encouraging older people to be less sedentary and more physically active can enable them to maintain strength and balance; key factors for ageing well.

Dr Irfan Ghani, Public Health Consultant, discussed immunisation programmes for older people, such as the flu and shingles vaccination programmes, and their importance in healthy ageing.

Sandy Lockwood, Falls Prevention Project Manager, discussed the impact of falls for individuals as well as for the health economy. Methods for reducing risk were discussed along with the falls prevention agenda.

Independent for longer consultations and workshops:

Consultation Date Aim   Key   Findings More   details Response  
Healthy Ageing Event November 2014 To bring together partners from across Shropshire to   understand how we can work better together to encourage healthy ageing. Key speakers from the fields of immunology, the British   Heart Foundation and falls prevention. Table top discussion suggested how professionals could   contribute towards the Better Care Fund workstreams including falls   prevention. You can read about the event in the Health and Wellbeing December newsletter. See   below for the powerpoint presentations delivered at the event.
Falls Prevention Workshop September 2014 To consider   both primary prevention and also responding effectively to both injurious and   non-injurious falls to reduce the risk of further falls & loss of
Plenty of   opportunities to link people up with Falls Prevention. PathwayEvidencePostural StabilityGroup Discussion FeedbackNext steps To be updated
Assistive Technologies   Workshop November 2013 Engage with   stakeholders on AT proposed principles General   agreement with principles subject to comments Click here Item in   November 2013 HWBB Report, Click here.
Making it Real September 2013 To gather   feedback to inform the MiR action plan which will focus on the improvements   required across adult social care Click below: Theme 3 Theme 5 Theme 6
Rural Health Survey July 2013 Seeking views   of people in rural areas to help understanding of rural health needs. See   further here Concerns about   fuel poverty, transport and digital exclusion were highlighted Summary of the   findings, please click here HWBB November   Report, click here
HWBB Stakeholder alliance report July 2013 Engage with   stakeholders about outcome via stakeholder alliance For report   recommendations, see here Click here See here.
Carers Forum Launch June 2013 Build a   stronger voice for Shropshire carers to influence services and share views on   local services For table   discussion responses please see here. Recommendation   specifically about carers in HWBB report
HWB conference: Assistive Technology   Workshop January 2013 Engage with   stakeholders at annual HWB conference Appropriate   care and specialist consultation; Joined up working and compatible equipment Summary of   notes, please click here
HWB Conference: Independent for Longer   Workshop January 2013 Engage with   stakeholders at annual HWBB Conference info sharing;   strengthen best practice; support communities to support themselves Summary of   notes, please click here