Mental Health

FlowersWe know that mental health and physical health are inextricably linked.

To make sure that we support Shropshire people to achieve and maintain good health and wellbeing we need to make sure that people lead healthy lifestyles and are able to access appropriate services when they need them.


Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin’s Suicide Prevention Network have launched a new strategy to help those at risk of considering suicide or self-harm.

The strategy aims to:

  • raise awareness of suicide risk, promote access to support services (including those bereaved by suicide) from a wide range of sources (not just health services).
  • encourage more people to talk about self-harm, suicide and the risk factors associated with suicide in order to destigmatise and encourage people to seek help when they feel it is needed.
  • provide those who have a public facing role to have confidence in signposting people affected by suicidal thoughts to the services that could best help them.

You can read the strategy by clicking on this link.. Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin Suicide Prevention Strategy

Samatitans offer a safe place for people to talk, and can be called free any time, from any phone on 116 123

Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin Transformation Plan for Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing 2015-2020

This document sets out how we plan to transform mental health services for children and young people in line with the requirements set out in the NHS England document ‘Future in Mind’  (

The plan includes 6 programmes of transformation:

  • Development of integrated 0-25 years Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service (to replace existing child and adolescent mental health services)
  • Improved neurodevelopmental assessment pathways
  • Training and development programme for workers in universal services to improve their knowledge and skills around emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people
  • Development of specialist eating disorder service for children and young people
  • Development of all-age psychiatric liaison service
  • Improved mental health support for pregnant women, new mothers and their families

A summary of the six programmes of transformation can be found here

The full transformation plan document can be found here


For consultation  and stakeholder events on mental health, see below:

Consultation Date Aim Findings More Detail Response
Dementia Action Alliance Days Shrewsbury December 2014, Craven Arms October   2014, Shrewsbury May 2014 To promote local services, volunteering   opportunities, fundraising events and information for those worried about   their memory or concerned about others.
Dementia Workshop October 2014 To consider the patient journey and whether the  Dementia Services Plan meets patients’ needs. Feedback on Community Development, Early   Identification, Education and Support, Working Together, Care Homes and End   of Life Table discussion feedback
Dementia Workshop – Potential for the future in   Shropshire April 2014 To update on work from organisations across the   county and to work on developing the Dementia Action Alliance
Mental Health and Wellbeing: What could we do   better? Conference October 2013 To take stock of the current state of mental   health and wellbeing services in the community, hospital and care homes.
Dementia Workshop October 2013 Engagement with stakeholders about dementia priority and feedback on   Draft Dementia Plan Make 2014 the year of dementia training and awareness raising. See summary of notes here November’s HWBB Paper, click here: Draft Dementia Delivery Plan Dec 2013
MYPs Our Mind Matters day October 2013 A day for young people which addressed the issue of stress and how   young people could help themselves Recommended: more work is done with CYP in schools and youth groups on   stress and useful ways of dealing with stress. For summary of day, see here Update included at November’s Children’s Trust meeting.
Children’s Trust area forums-Mental wellbeing table discussion September 2013 Engage with front managers and practitioners in children’s services Needs to be more focus upon:

  •   role of family
  •   transition planning
  •   emotional wellbeing
For Summary of notes, see here Findings to inform refresh of Children & Young People’s Plan
Mental Health Stakeholder alliance April 2013 Engage with stakeholder alliance on HWB Strategy mental health outcome See report recommendations Full HWBB Board Report
Carers forum launch June 2013 Build a stronger voice for Shropshire carers to influence services and   share views on local services See summary of notes here. See summary of notes here. Recommendation specifically about carers in HWBB report
Young Person’s Mental Health Day April 2013 Engagement with Health and Wellbeing Strategy with 21 young people Main health issue identified is stress Summary of day here this workshop identified opportunity for stress awareness workshop in   Oct
HWB Conference: Dementia workshop January 2013 Engage with stakeholders at annual HWBB Conference 1. Promoting early diagnosis.
2.Good information to support people with dementia; their families, friends   and carers
3. Clear clinical pathway setting timescales for diagnosis.
Summary of notes here
HWB Conference: Children and Young People’s Mental Wellbeing January 2013 Engage with stakeholders at annual HWBB Conference 1.TAMHs
Summary of notes here