Social Prescribing Network

Shropshire Council is working with NHS England and the National Social Prescribing Network to develop and support the Midlands Social Prescribing Network.

Shropshire Prescribing Conference – 1st February 2018

Commissioning For Social Prescribing – Local

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Social Prescribing – A Commissioning View

Social Prescribing Conference – STP Facts

Utilising Community Assets. SP Regional Event Feb 18.

Workshop Impact and outcomes

Workshop Utilising Community Assets


Social Prescribing Event- 27th April, 2017

The first networking event took place on 27 April 2017
(click on the links below for all of the presentations from the day)

Chair: Aims of the day & introductions
Michael Dixon, NHS England National

Professor Rod Thomson, Director of Public Health for Shropshire and Herefordshire

Social Prescribing – National overview and resource development
Dr Marie Polley, University of Westminster and Social Prescribing Network Co-Chair

What are the latest economic figures for social prescribing?
Dr Richard Kimberlee, University of West of England; South West regional network lead.

Themed workshops (1)
1. Engaging Primary Care in Social Prescribing
2. Adapting Secondary Care Pathways – focus on COPD + green gyms
3. How can the Health and Wellbeing Board support social prescribing?
4. Creating a thriving community sector with social prescribing
5. Ensuring the Carers’ Agenda and Social Prescribing are fully joined up
6. How do you represent social prescribing using evaluation

Town and country approaches to engaging partners in social prescribing
Shropshire Social Prescribing Model – A Rural Perspective
Jo Robins, Shropshire Public Health

The Dudley Social Prescribing Model – Findings from The Integrated Plus Model
Kate Green, Dudley CVS

Themed Workshop (2)
How can the local voluntary and community sector play a role in social prescribing?
Laurel Roberts, the QUBE Oswestry

Social Impact Bonds
Mila Lukic, Bridges Ventures + Tara Case CEO Ways to Wellness, Newcastle

• Key themes from morning and afternoon workshops
• What would support you in the regional network?

Feedback – Please click on the links below for feedback on the workshop and event:

Evaluation Form Feedback

Workshop Feedback